Professional anglers rely on CASIO PRO TREK

A passion called fishing


A passion called fishing

The two Quantum Sea Team anglers Sascha Hausmann and Sven Weide have known each other since nursery and have shared the same hobby since they were young: fishing. Once they had driving licences in their pockets, sea fishing became an increasingly important focus of their activities, and the same remains true today.
Whether in the surf of the Baltic Sea, dressed in waders, or fishing for cod, flounder, dab, whiting, sea trout etc. in a drifting cutter, the most important thing is that they are able to pursue their hobby. The pair can also often be found at the Port of Hamburg — eel fishing in summer or flounder fishing in autumn and winter.
Whenever the professional anglers are not fishing in German waters, they can be found in the land of the trolls — Norway. "It's like an addiction! We can no longer live without Norway", say the two anglers with excitement.
For several years, the pair have been sea anglers for the Quantum Sea Team. When involved in test angling, product optimisation and new developments, the duo are constantly on the road, putting rods, reels and accessories through their paces.

In the land of the trolls with PRO TREK

"Northern Norway has completely captivated us. You can still set your personal best there today — the biodiversity is stunning and an absolute dream for any sea angler. Thanks to its technical features—which impressed us immensely—no fishing tour should be without PRO TREK."
The Quantum Sea team have their PRO TREK multifunctional watch with them on every fishing trip
Water-resistant watches for anglers: the PRW-2500-1ER and PRW-2500T-7ER models

PRW-2500-1ER „Gunung Bintang“ and PRW-2500T-7er „Gungung Inas“

Technical refinements such as water resistance up to 20 bar, moon phase display and tide indicator, the PRW-2500-1ER and PRW-2500T-7ER PRO TREK models ensure that anglers will not go home without a great catch.

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Who are the Quantum Sea Team?

The Quantum Sea Team anglers Sascha Hausmann and Sven Weide have been testing and developing fishing accessories and fishing areas for several years for Zebco Sports Europe.

On their home page, the two anglers from Hamburg present travel reports and press releases as well as tide calendars, weather reports and up-to-date schedules for fishing events and exhibitions. They also share numerous tips and tricks for the Baltic Sea and their favourite fishing spot, Norway.
Passionate anglers: the Quantum Sea team around Hausmann and Weide